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*click* [ Please Read This Post After You've Joined ] *click*

Hello, members of manga_swaps! As you all may know this community has been not very active since it had started more than a year ago. So this summer I decided to pick it up again and reestablish this swap community.

Therefore, in the next two weeks I'll be promoting manga_swaps to welcome more active memebers. Once there are enough people who join I'll be opening the community's very first official "Secret Suprise Swap".

This means you get a chance to sign up to be partnered with another member. Then you two would each exchange mailing address and send each other a random manga from your collection (which you may no longer want) and send it to your partner to check out. The fun is you can't tell what you're sending to each other. It's a SECRET so you'll be SURPRISE when you get you're manga from the mail.


So you love manga but don't have the money because of the bookshelf of them you already have. But wait, you've got some manga's that you're willing to trade for the one you've been looking for. If that's the case manga_swaps is the community that's for you. Also was inspired by book_swapping

Before deciding to join please read these...


1) Once you've joined please fill in this survey before participating in any swap and post it:

2) When you've received a manga from your sender kindly leave a message in the sender's survey post. This is for feedback purposes.

3) For the time being request are NOT allowed until we have more members.

4) Have fun! If you enjoy a manga, feel free to post about it, so recommendations are ALLOWED. We would like this community be be active so enjoy yourselves and make some friends!

5) If you have any questions, please contact tokidokiko, or simply drop by for a 'HI!~' [HERE]

Thank you!
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